Hunting for the best and freshest ingredients or growing your vegetables yourself is instinctive for Greeks.


Gardens and your connection to the land is a part of your soul because the land is life.  Even in the big, hot, dry city of Athens, streets are lined with 'Nerantzi' bitter orange and lime trees and you will see apartment buildings draped with hanging gardens from porches and verandas.


In Chicago, many Greek families will be able to tell you which grocer has the best ingredients. Also, it is not uncommon that families grow their own vegetables and practice 'seed saving' from year to year.


At Taxim Restaurant, we continue this inherent tradition by sourcing the best and freshest ingredients so you can enjoy the full potential of traditional and regional dishes.

Cuisine that is inherently fresh, vegan and vegetarian

Taxim Restaurant


The cuisine in Greece can vary greatly from seaside taverna, to mountain village, to bustling metropolis.  This is why we have named ourselves Taxim, which is a bustling center of 'Constantinoupoli', the current city of Istanbul, where Greeks enjoy a vibrant community of music and fare.

We source seasonal vegetables from small local growers, seek out small co-operative Greek products, serve quality butchered meats and whole fish from Greece so you can experience honest regional flavors of Greek cuisine.

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